Banjo Earth Brazil


Brazil has one of the richest musical legacies in the entire world! Add to that beautiful beaches, delicious food, the Amazon rainforest, and an incredibly diverse & vibrant culture, and you have the makings of an unforgettable Banjo Earth adventure. This was the most incredible journey yet! Full album and documentary coming October 1, 2020. We can't make this happen without you, so please consider purchasing, pre-ordering, or donating to help us create more "Peace through Music. Community through Creation." Much Love, aE

EXTRAS ** Here's a few other extraordinary ways to experience and support the Banjo Earth project.

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Salavador - $250 (CD, DVD, SHIRT + Solo Banjo Earth performance and presentation at your venue of choice)


Amazonas - $500-750 - House Party (Get the Banjo Earth Band or Eversole Brothers to perform at your house)


Belem - $1000 - Corporate Sponsor (Be one of 3 exclusive  business sponsors of Banjo Earth Brazil)


Recife - $2000 +  (depending on # of guests) - House Party w/ Food (Get the Banjo Earth Band and some of Brazilian street food served at your party or event)

 Carnaval Especial - $3000 ($4000 for couples) - Join us in Brazil!! For five days and five nights you can travel with us to enjoy a unique musical Brazilian experience. All food and housing on me. (Airfare not included)

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