Peace through music. Community through creation.



First, Bill Monroe’s ancient tones rang across the valley.

Then, Doc Watson’s guitar pickin’ from Deep Gap drifted in from the hills.

Finally, Earl Scruggs banjo pickin’ flew through the air like a runaway comet, leaving him hooked beyond recovery.

Hundreds of bluegrass festivals, Phish concerts, and Grateful Dead bootlegs later, Eversole's music has become a “creature” of its own. 

Andy gently and chaotically runs through the most traditional sounding bluegrass; diving into old time, folding into jazz, fusing into funk, and melting into time.  His music guides the listener through a mystical, musical journey.  The songs are original, creatively crafted gems of endearing quality that deal with life, death, love, moonshine, and moonbeams. All laden with sweet fiddles and haunting banjos, this is where 'Mountain Music Meets the Cosmos'.

With a pioneer's spirit through and through, Andy recently launched his vision to bring peace and community through music with his project Banjo Earth.  The Banjo Earth concept is a series of albums and movies taking place in countries all over the world.   Armed only with the banjo and some recording equipment, he and the team take off for uncharted territory to experience new music and old traditions.  China was the first destination on the itinerary, lending itself to a deeply spiritual and musical experience.  Then came India, a completely life-altering journey. Next is North Carolina, an exploration of the old home state. Check it all out HERE.


In addition to Banjo Earth, Andy is involved in several other projects and bands, including...

Banjo Earth Band

Eversole Brothers

Solo Performance/Speaking Events