What's Happening Now?

Banjo Earth: India IS OUT NOW!!!!!!

With a banjo on my shoulder, and video crew in tow, we set off on a journey through India to collaborate with the best musicians we could find. Epic journeys, musical magic, incredible food, ancient culture, new friends... It's all in Banjo Earth India.  Available HERE.


The newly formed Banjo Earth Band is booking shows and playing live to enthusiastic audiences. We're having a blast bringing our blend of World/Bluegrass/Funky Americana to the people! Check it out HERE.


Banjo Earth speaking engagements are now open for 2019! These really fun events are  designed to inspire students and professionals alike to get started on their own spirit journeys. Music, Travel, Food, Culture, Philosophy...It's not only multimedia, but also multi-dimensional. Come away joyful, excited, challenged, and inspired to get started on your own adventure! Find out More HERE


Thank you for being here and for supporting the arts.

With much Love and Gratitude, 

Andy Eversole



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An irrepressible banjoist with a mystical streak.”

— Triad City Beat

Order Banjo Earth: India by clicking HERE!!!!