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The Eversole Show 004 - w/ Butch Robins - The Purpose of Art  

Butch Robins is one of my all time favorite banjo players and people. His unique take on music, art, life, and philosophy, is alive and well in this fun and insightful podcast! Butches career spans several decades, including stays with the founder of bluegrass music, Bill Monroe, and has released numerous solo projects. He's got a new album coming out soon that will open new chapters for the banjo, so be sure to follow him on Facebook. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy this episode with the living banjo legend, Mr. Butch Robins!

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The Eversole Show 003 - w/ Chris Everard - Keep Your Eye on the Tiger  

Christopher Everard


Whoa! This episode is an explosion! British filmmaker, author, composer, researcher, adventurer; Mr. Chris Everard joins me for an insightful discussion. To me, Chris is like a combination between James Bond, Indian Jones, and Joseph Campbell. He is a fascinating man to chat with and a storehouse of knowledge, from the ancient world through today. In this intense interview we cover modern politics, ancient history, religion, the Illuminati, UFO's and ET's, NASA, Nazi's, and so much more. Hang on to your hats! You can follow Chris and check out his work at the links below.

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The Eversole Show - 002 - w/ musician/historian David Long  

In this episode I sit down with the incredible David Long. He is a musician, historian, development consultant, and great friend. David is one of my favorite humans, and he has a lot of insight to impart. We cover music, North Carolina, history, and living with integrity. Hope you enjoy!

Links from the Episode 

The Story of Omie Wise -

"Boone's Tracks" w/ David Long -

"The Finger Experiment" - The time lapse video of my finger healing after I chopped the end of it off -


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The Eversole Show - 001 - w/ My Mother, Noreena  

The first episode of the new podcast! This interview with my Mom was recorded on International Women's Day in 2017. I really wanted to start out this new venture (The Eversole Show) with her wisdom and energy. She has a lot to offer, and she is very much Loved. Hope you enjoy the interview! 



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