Banjo Earth North Carolina

Banjo Earth NC In Progress!!

Banjo Earth NC In Progress!!


North Carolina has some of the best nature, music, people, food, and culture in the entire world. It's also my home state. I'm really excited to explore it deeper and create and an amazing musical album and documentary. We are Listener funded, so please support the project below.

You get different "Rewards" for different levels of support. Take a look and see which level fits you the best, then click the donate button. 

Thank you so much for everything. Without you, none of this is possible.

The Banjo Earth Donation System

Level 1 Pluto - $10 - Digital Download of the Album


Level 2 Neptune - $20 - Digital Download of the Album and Movie


Level 3 Uranus - $30 Digital Download + Physical copies shipped


Level 4 Saturn - $40 All of the Above + Official BE NC T-Shirt


Level 5 Jupiter - $50 All of the Above + 1 Ticket to the BE NC Party (time and place TBD)


Level 6 Mars - $75 All of the Above + 2 Tickets to the BE NC Party (time and place TBD)


Level 7 Earth - $100 All of the Above + The biggest hug ever from me!


Level 8 Venus - $250 All of the Above + Solo Banjo Earth performance and presentation at your venue of choice


Level 9 Mercury - $500 - House Party (Get the Banjo Earth Band or Eversole Brothers to perform at your house)


Level 10 The Sun - $1000-2000 (depending on # of guests) - House Party w/ Food (Get the Banjo Earth Band and some of NC's finest food served at your party or event)

Thank You!