Coming October 7, 2018!!

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Banjo Earth: India Digital Album   $10

Get an MP3 download of the digital music album when released


Banjo Earth: India CD/DVD Package   $25

Get the above digital copy, plus the CD and DVD of the project mailed to you when released


Banjo Earth: India Passport Package   $50

Get all of the above, plus the official Banjo Earth: India T-shirt


Banjo Earth: India Solo Performance and Presentation  $250

Get the passport package, plus receive a solo performance and multimedia presentation of Banjo Earth: India by Andy Eversole (approx 1.5 hr)


Banjo Earth: India Duet Performance and Presentation  $500

Get the passport package, plus your own private concert and multimedia presentation from 2 of Banjo Earth's finest (approx 2 hrs)

Perfect for a private party or school function!!!! (We will work with you find a place and time that accommodates the touring schedule)


Banjo Earth: India Full Band Performance  $1000

Get the passport package plus a full band performance from Banjo Earth (approx 2 hrs) 

 Perfect for a venue, party, festival, whenever and wherever great music is played (We will work with you to find a place and time that accommodates the touring schedule)


Banjo Earth: India Business Partner/Sponsor   $1000

Be at the forefront of the new age of advertising and partner up with Banjo Earth to garner more brand awareness, direct sales, and influencer positioning. You will be an official sponsor of Banjo Earth, get your logo on all of our content, be tagged and promoted in our posts, and be talked about in a loving way in all of our public presentations. The videos from Banjo Earth: China, our last iteration of this project, have gotten over 100,000 views in total. We are expecting over 1million over the next year from the project. At $1000, this package is a steal!


Banjo Earth: India Business/Sponsor  + Unique Creative Content  $2000

Get all of the above from the previous sponsor package, plus you will get at least 2 pieces of unique creative content designed particularly for your customers. One short video 30sec-1min and one longer video 3-5 min will be created for you to use at your own discretion. Filmed in combination in India and at your business, we will work with you to create something incredible that you can share on social media, place on tv adspots, etc. Professional, creative, and inspiring. Storytelling is the best way to get your message shared far and wide. This package is the best way to do that. (These creative videos usually cost anywhere from $1000-3000 each for business use. Add this value to the value of your business being seen over 1 million times, and this branding deal is unbeatable!)

Find your muse, open the doors of possibility, and join us on the journey. Whichever way you choose, know that we appreciate all of you for your spirit and support. Much Love and Thanks to you all. We are so excited to share this amazing project with you, and the rest of the world. Thank you, Andy E